Wine Wednesday

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Qupe, 2013 Marsanne, Santa Barbara County

About Qupe:

"A California resident since childhood, Bob Lindquist named his winery “qupé” to honor the Chumash, the indigenous people of the Golden State’s Central Coast and Channel Islands. Since many of the sounds of the Chumash language have been obscured by time, Bob gave “qupe” its pronunciation (“kyoo-pay”), with an accent on the final syllable. In Chumash, “qupé” refers to the poppy, a flowering plant traditionally used for food and medicine. In 1903 the California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) was officially designated the state flower, and every spring masses of the bright orange blossoms still blanket local hills and back country."

Tasting Notes:

This light yellow Marsanne has high-pitched aromas of lemon curd, pear, white peach and jasmine. Tastes of bitter pear skin and flavors of pit fruit flavors expand and deepen with air.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing Qupe, 2013 Marsanne with our Wild Flounder Meunière (Yukon​ potato purée, spinach, lemon-caper brown butter) or our Pan Seared Gulf Rock Shrimp (Parmesan​ risotto cake, crispy brussels sprouts, lobster velouté).

At home try it with any type of seafood or shellfish, especially richer varieties like lobster, crab, shrimp, clams, or mussels.

Locations by Dave Phinney, 2015 Rosé Grenache, France

About Locations Wine:

Locations Wine was founded by winemaker Dave Phinney, which he created based on the simple concept of making the best possible wines from any given location or country. However, this "simple concept" ended up being a fairly difficult action to implement. In order to follow through with his concept, Dave needed to secure grapes from around the world for use in his wines. So, he decided to travel the world, meeting vineyard owners along the way. Today, Dave has achieved his concept of making the best possible wines from locations all around the world, which each wine paying special homage to its country of origin.

Tasting Notes:

In the glass, an appearance of Himalayan salt opens with a nose of gardenias and early harvested stone fruit. A fresh entry leads to a honeysuckle mousse with hints of peaches and cantaloupe encompassing a dry minerality. The finish is memorable with a slight brininess reminiscent of the Himalayan sea salt hue.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing Locations Wine, 2015 Rosé Grenache with our Cider-Braised Pork Shoulder (stone-ground​ polenta, charred cabbage, pickled mustard seed), or our Wild Flounder Meunière (Yukon​ potato purée, spinach, lemon-caper brown butter).

At home try it with seafood or red meats.

Onesta, 2012 Cinsault, Lodi

About Onesta Wines

Founder of Onesta Wines, Jillian, is described as an artist with a scientific mind. Jillian originally studied neurobiology at UC Davis, but switched her major to Viticulture and Enology after taking an introductory winemaking class. From UC Davis, Jillian traveled the globe with a desire to learn more about winemaking. She even traveled to the southern hemisphere in order to work an extra harvest season each year, as she was growing her experience and skills as a winemaker. As an Intern and later Associate Winemaker with Bonny Doon Winery, Jillian discovered her passion for Rhone varieties. Today, Onesta Wines is Jillian's passion project. Her own personal values drive the foundation of what Onesta Wines is all about: "Life is short. Live by truth and honesty and you will always find peace and happiness."

Tasting Notes:

This 2012 Cinsault explodes with strawberry and spiced rhubarb pie in the glass. It has the delicate weight of a Pinot, with the wild berry fruit forward attitude of a Zinfandel.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing Onesta, 2012 Cinsault with our Duck Confit (currant bread pudding, charred Brussels, honey-pomegranate gastrique).

At home try it with stews or roasted meat dishes, like beef, chicken, duck, or pork.

Corner 103, 2014 Grenache, Russian River

About Corner 103:

Lloyd Davis, founder of Corner 103 Winery, created Corner 103 with the recognition that most people are intimidated by wine. With his passion for wine, Lloyd wanted to create an experience for these people, where they could explore and discuss wine in a relaxed environment. Today, Corner 103 winery resides in the Sonoma Plaza. At Corner 103, Lloyd showcases his limited production wines that highlight each varietal. Each of the wines at Corner 103 come from a different American Viticulture Area of Sonoma County.

Tasting Notes:

This 2014 Grenache has aromas of strawberry, cherry, peony, and almond skin with a crisp and fruity body. This is a spicy Grenache on the sweeter side, that pairs very well with food.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing Corner 103, 2014 Grenache with our Croques Monsieur (applewood-smoked ham, St. George cheese, quinoa, and green salad).

At home try it with baked ham, meat loaf, or lasagna.

Campesino, 2013 Baybos, Sonoma Valley

About Campesino:

Campesino is owned by Macario and Griselda Montoya, in the Sonoma Valley. Macario, the winemaker behind the label, grew up in the small town of Elmira, which is in close proximity to the Napa Valley. After working for six years in the corporate world as a financial adviser, Macario decided to begin creating wine. Marcario's philosophy on winemaking is fairly simple: "Wines are an expression of the earth and are made in the vineyard. It's the job of the winemaker to finish the process."

Tasting Notes:

This red Rhône blend is made up of Grenache, Mourvedre and Syrah. Aromas of black and blue fruits are intermingled with wild spice, while grilled meats leap from the glass. This wine has flavors of wildness, scorched earth, black licorice, roasted herbs and freshly baked blueberry pie.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing Campesino, 2013 Baybos with our Cast Iron Prime New York Strip (roasted radishes, Meyer lemon salsa verde).

At home try it with roasted chicken and vegetables.

Three Clicks, 2016 Grenache Blanc, Sonoma County

Three Clicks - Wine Wisdom:

Three Clicks Wines was founded by Bruce Devlin and his wife Danielle, who met at UC Davis where they both studied viticulture and oenology.

Harry Allen Smith was able to take the first sip of alcohol once it became legal after Prohibition had been repealed in 1933. To pull this feat off, Smith bribed the telegraph operator to send a "three-click" advanced warning before announcing the repeal of Prohibition.

Three Clicks sources its grapes from Napa Valley vineyards.

Bruce and Danielle first began Three Clicks with Sauvignon Blanc and Petite Syrah.

Three Clicks claims to "give tradition a new twist" with their screw-top closures.

Tasting Notes:

Three Click's 2016 Grenache Blanc has aromas of tangerine, honeysuckle, pear, nectarine, and tropical flowers. It has vibrant acidity and refreshing quality. The palate is fruit driven with flavors of tangerine, lime, and nectarines. The wine is has viscosity and weight across the mouth, and the body is fulfilling in texture. This Grenache Blanc finishes with lingering stone fruit flavors.

Jeff Cohn Cellars, 2013 Viognier, Napa


About Jeff Cohn Cellars:

Before beginning a career as a winemaker, founder Jeff Cohn studied culinary arts and hospitality management. After college, Jeff found his passion for wine-making, and began an internship with Boordy Vineyards in Maryland. In 1993, Jeff moved to California to pursue his wine-making passions further. He continued his studies, earning a master’s degree in agriculture chemistry with an emphasis on enology, while also discovering a new, particular passion for French wine-making techniques.

In 1996, Jeff created his own winery, Jeff Cohn Cellars, making 75 cases of his first vintage in the same year. Today, Jeff Cohn Cellars produces over 5,000 cases annually. The winery is now based in Santa Rosa, with over 80% of wine production taking place in Sonoma. Jeff Cohn Cellars also has a tasting room on the Sonoma Square.

Tasting Notes:

This 2013 Viognier has aromas of sun-kissed dried apricots and fresh peaches, with a striking touch of coconut and vanilla bean. There is also a touch of toasted almond and petrichor that keep the nose fresh.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing Jeff Cohn Cellars, 2013 Viognier with our Black Pepper Gnocchi (roasted​ baby carrots, organic mushrooms, parmesan mornay, garden herbs), or Seared Scallops (corn cake, bacon vinaigrette, garden basil, baby kale).

At home try it with lobster or crab, or mildly spicy curry dishes.

Latta Wines, 2012 Grenache, Washington


About Latta Wines:

Beginning as a cellar hand in Washington, Andrew Latta worked his way up in the wine-making world for over 10 years. His interest in wine-making first began when he was just 13 years old. At the beginning of his career, Andrew worked his way through the restaurant world, waiting tables in college while learning as much as he could about wine. He studied as a sommelier, and spent time as a wine director in Phuket, Thailand, then moved to Washington to study more about viticulture and enology. In 2011, Andrew founded his own winery, Latta Wines.

Tasting Notes:

With a vibrant, deep ruby color, this 2012 Grenache is intense and vibrant, and has aromas of bright cherry and raspberry. It exudes a rich sanguine quality with fine-grained sweet tannins.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing Latta Wines, 2012 Grenache with our mt. lassen trout (three beans, corn, tomato, basil pesto) or steak frites (6-ounce flat iron steak, frites, roasted garlic & herb butter).

At home enjoy with seafood, red meat, or even spicy dishes.

LIOCO Wine Company, 2016 Rosé Carignage, Mendocino


About LIOCO Wine Company:

The idea for LIOCO Wine Company was thought up in 2001, in an alleyway in Beverly Hills, by colleagues in the wine industry Kevin O'Connor and Matt Licklider. They found themselves wondering if they could make local wine that would favor nuance over power. In 2005, they put their idea to the test and founded LIOCO Wine Company in Santa Rosa. Today, the winery is operated by husband and wife duo Matt and Sara Licklider. The fruit they use to produce their wines is purchased from family-owned vineyards, from Sonoma, Santa Cruz, and Mendocino counties. They focus on creating small-batch Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Carignan.

Tasting Notes:

This 2016 Vintage has aromas of pickled watermelon, sweet tarts, and wild herbs with flavors of fresh rhubarb, wild strawberries, and candied orange peel.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing LIOCO Wine Company, 2016 Rosé Carignage with our Duck Confit (farro, peaches, roasted shallots, frisee, chilli vinaigrette) or Seared Scallops (corn cake, bacon vinaigrette, garden basil, baby kale).

At home try it with salmon, light pasta dishes, or a summer salad.

Donelan Wines, 2013 Cuvée Moriah Red Blend, Sonoma County


About Donelan Wines:

A small, boutique winery in Sonoma County, Donelan Wines was founded in the 1980s by Joe Donelan. After a successful corporate career in Connecticut, Joe was drawn to California’s wine-making regions. He had a vision to one day create superior Rhone-varietals, and made the decision to move to California to begin his journey. Today, Donelan Wines is a family business. Joe’s two sons, Tripp and Cushing, share their father’s passion for creating an inviting customer experience with every bottle of Donelan Wines.

Tasting Notes:

This 2013 vintage Cuvée Moriah Red Blend opens with boysenberry and açaí berry. It has a fruit purity, with pomegranate and ripe melon, ripe plum, red currant, and notes of mild oak.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing Donelan Wines, 2013 Cuvée Moriah Red Blend with our Potato Gnocchi (smoked tomato, eggplant, spinach, parmesan), or Steak Frites (6-ounce prime flat iron steak, frites, roasted garlic & herb butter).

At home try it with pork tenderloin or grilled lamb and roasted vegetables.